MAMY DYWANY is a collection of multifunctional objects for You. 

Inspired by our mother' works and the unfolding beauty of the extraordinary everyday life.

Our studio has a minimalist design approach, aiming to provide function 

as well as curiosity through quality and artisanal pieces.

The family company is interested in various craftmanship techniques, 

manual skills, nature and vintage. 



MAMY DYWANY is a small design studio based in Szczecin, Poland founded in 2017. 

MAMY DYWANY are completely created by mom & daughters,

 from designing to making them in our workshop. 

We create our shop just for our mom,

she is working on products and we help as much as we can with running the store.

MAMY DYWANY are: a mom, an architect and a shoe & math lover :)

This timeless round rug and trendy net bags by MAMY DYWANY

have been handmade by our lovely mom in Poland.

All profits goes to her :)

We run our MAMY DYWANY shop for pleasure.

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MAMY DYWANY are natural round hand-braided rugs & 'classic French' net bags. 

It has been ethically produced and made from renewable resources, 

making it the perfect rug for an eco-friendly home or a modern retro bag just for You.

Craftsmanship combined with modern sophistication runs flawlessly

 accompany any style.   A fresh take of the traditional braided rugs and bags.



We love how a circular rug softens hard edges and adds a new dimension to a room.

Our round rug is sure to bring  plenty of warmth,

texture and new character to any space.

This jute rug becomes a caramel for any room!

It can be use in your living room, your summer house, child's room or a restaurant.

Reversible for twice the wear and complete with a non-fringe finish

for a sophisticated modern look.


Our beautiful mesh bags are roomy enough to hold all your precious staff,

great strength and capacity.

Carry it by handmade tasseled handles, or let it rest in the cook of your arm to go hands - free.

It also serves as a great alternative for plastic bags, any shopper or as storage for the children's toys.

Trend bag for 2019!

Vintage inspired bag

Elevated beach bag

Traditions + Artisanal practices



Please notice:

Colours and details in reality may vary slightly from those shown in the picture. 

We're not able to obtain the same shade twice, so every piece is unique.

 It's due to braided by hand.

Made in Szczecin, Poland.



  • Rug size: ⌀ 100 cm (available in different size- do not hesitate to ask us) 
  • Natural colour
  • Eco-friendly
  • Lasting wear; reversible
  • Rugs are made from recycled jute fibers
  • Net bags are made from 100% natural twine (linen) or 100% premium cotton /  waxed cotton
  • Jute is a durable and renewable material with a natural color. Product of vegetable origin
  • Twine (linen) is a material used by cobblers and shoemakers because is very durable
  • Waxed cotton is an original material that was created over 200 years ago
  • It was a material for the production of sailor protection coats. Today is an icon of a natural style
  • It has been ethically produced and made from renewable resources
  • Transparent shopping (we uncover the product’s real cost)
  • This is a fresh take of the traditional braided rugs and bags
  • Each product is handmade in Poland




Our rugs are crafted entirely by hand with natural jute and special care is required to maintain their beautiful appearance.

We suggest regular vacuuming of both sides of your rug to keep it fresh and free of dirt build-up
Occasionally take your rug outside on a dry day and shake him out from time to time

Reversible for twice the wear
In case of staining, gently clean with soap and let dry

For oil-based or coloured spills, please consult a specialist rug cleaning professional
Do not wash, do not bleach
Do not dry in a washer-dryer and do not dry clean, do not iron
Better not put our the carpet in wet places like bathroom -

avoid constant soaking the carpet as th fiber can weaken

Please be aware to avoid prolonged direct sunlight or heat as this will discolour the jute fibres

For extra safety, you can use a non-slip pad under the rug


Twine and cotton bags can be washed by hand

To keep them clean, shake them frm time to time, in case of staining : gently clean with soap and let dry

Do not dry in a washer-dryer, do not iron

When you fill our net bag, it will stretch and lower!

Watch out for small items! Small things are good to hide in a bag or a cosmetic bag.

With a different bag inside - our twine transparent bag can change the character

We like our products, please take care of them:)



Jute: about 40 meters & jute cord: 0.5 kilograms

Jute is a natural fiber that is very durable


Cotton: about 50 - 100 meters

Twine: 200 g



Made from recycled sustainable fibers of jute & linen & organic cotton / waxed cotton

Be aware of the material from which your clothes and accessories are made :)



1. Search products; you can view the product from different perspectives by clicking on a chosen photo. 

2. Read the product description, in which you’ll find material info, dimensions and care instructions. If you’d like to know more, feel free to ask.

Write to us at: kontakt@mamydywany.pl

to ask or to shop

 We’ll be glad to help within 24 hours.

3. Made up your mind? To order the product, click the “add to cart” button (DO KOSZYKA in polish). 

4. If you’re done choosing products please go to your cart and find there your order summary. In order to finalise the transaction please click “Buy” (ZAMAWIAM in polish).

5. At mamydywany.pl you can shop without registering. 

6. Fill up the form with all needed information and shipping data.

7. Choose a way to pay: via PayU, Blue Media S.A., bank transfer.

8. Confirm your order.

9. When you're finished shopping you’ll receive an e-mail with an order summary and payment confirmation.

10. If you have any problems just write to us!

You can find us on Etsy; Pakamera.pl



How can I pay and make my purchase?

Ways to pay: via PayU, Blue Media S.A., bank transfer.

Why was my payment declined?

Double-check the info that you gave in the form.

Also check if your card is valid and if you haven’t exceeded your card limit.

 If you still have a problem purchasing, please contact your bank.



How long does it take for me to receive my shipment?

Regular delivery takes from 1 to 3 days (in Poland), in EU it can take around 5 - 7 days. 

On the way we’ll inform you about the stage of your purchase’s shipment. 

Once the shipment is sent you’ll receive a package number with which you’ll be able to track your shipment.

How much does delivery cost?

The cost of shipping is 15 PLN (domestic delivery-within Poland borders). 

How much does international (EU) delivery cost?

Shipment cost depends on the destination country. 

After choosing the shipment destination our system will communicate you it’s cost (~ 18 EUR) for rugs and about
~ 5 EUR for bags. The payment is calculated with the order.

We send items from the studio within 7 business days of confirmation of purchase.

 After sending the parcel, we send a confirmation by e-mail.

If for any reason shipping is impossible on this date, we will send you notice.

In case of extraordinary terms please contact us.

Please read: GOOD ADVICE and all informations before making an order.



Our products are 100% hand-made by our lovely mom

Time to create one carpet: around 12 hours

Time to create one bag around 6 to 12 hours (depending of the model)



terms & conditions



How much time do I have to return the product?

You can return the product within 14 days of the delivery date.

How to return the product?

In order for the return of the product to be accepted, the purchased products need to be in the same condition they were upon delivery to the client. They must still have tag and be accompanied by a receipt. 

Additionally, the client is obliged to add a completed return form to the package they return. The form will be delivered to the client together with the products ordered through MAMY DYWANY.

How will I receive my money back after returning the product?

After MAMY DYWANY confirms the return of the product, the money will be transferred to the account number you filled up in the return form.

When will I receive my money back after returning the product?

After MAMY DYWANY confirms the return of the product, the money will be transferred  within 3-5 days. The money will show up in the client’s account depending on the accountant rules in their individual bank.

What can I do if the returned amount of money isn’t correct?

Feel free to contact us by e-mail at: kontakt@mamydywany.pl 

We will do our best to send the appropriate amount to you as soon as possible.

MAMY DYWANY reserves the right to reject returns sent or submitted by the customer after the deadline, or items that are not in the same condition in which they were sent by MAMY DYWANY.



We uncover the product’s real cost.
We reveal the costs of materials and costs of work done 

in the production of our products.

 Products are made with respect for workers' rights. 

Our work is done in our small Polish studio, 

supporting local products and craftmen. 

We sell legally and pay taxes.

Material: 20 - 40 % 

Production: 6 - 12 hrs 

Tax: 19 %

Cost: 15 %

Salary for our mom: 26 - 46 %


We create this shop for our lovely mom! We support her the most!

Do you have any questions?

Please contact us



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